Ontwerpwedstrijden - Open Source House design competition
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Open Source House design competition

The design competition starts on January 15th, 2010 and is open for team or individual participation. The challenge is to design a sustainable, flexible and locally embedded one family house for a specific location in Ghana. The modular construction should be suitable for local implementation and affordable for its future owners. The winning design(s) will be built in Ghana. All information regarding the competition will be published on the Open Source House website on January 15th.


  • 1st place: Emerging Ghana, Ana Morgado (blaanc borderless architecture), João Caeiro  (João Caeiro architects), Lara Camilla Pinho, Maria de Paz Sequeira Braga and Maria de Carmo Caldeira
  • 2nd place: WBC, Kari Smith, Dan Burkett and Erin Bodin
  • 3rd place: BambooOS,Yong Tang, Elena Eijgenseer, Jalal Spiegel and Yan Chen and Alice Hu
  • 4th place: Booing, Sergio Guzman
  • 5th place: Oshouse MAD, Patxi Gastaminaza and Jürgen Münzen
  • Honorable mentionings: OTA-KWAKU HOUSE, Lucas London; WBR House, Ovidiu Talos and Miruna Stroe; Solidair House, Shaun Daniel Morris; Hous'n!, Gregory Mathers and Daniela Ciarcelluti; Superoof, Philipp Schaefle and Matthias Winter.
Open Source House

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